The Fitting Process

The Fitting Process


Prior to any True Spec club fitting, clients will be provided a survey and are asked to honestly examine their current game and future goals. This will help establish objectives for the fitting. We also encourage our clients to familiarize themselves with the terms that will likely be used throughout their fitting and in order to make the best recommendation.


Clients are asked a series of questions regarding their current equipment, golf background and future performance goals. This is done to establish a clear game plan for the fitting and to focus client attention towards getting the most out of their session.


True Spec measures in detail each client’s current equipment to determine specifications, which may be a cause of performance issues. Clients will be educated on the fitters’ findings and the implications on past performance.


Clients begin hitting balls with their current equipment to evaluate performance, uncover equipment-related tendencies, and establish a benchmark for data to be tested against. The blueprint is referenced throughout the fitting to determine the progress made with optimal combinations of different heads and shafts.


True Spec utilizes the information captured from the blueprint and baseline to select varying combinations of club heads and shafts from our extensive matrix. Clients hit balls with each new set-up and compare the performance of each against the players existing clubs.


Based on the performance of the tested clubs and optimized combinations, True Spec Master Fitters will provide a recommendation that not only improves upon the current make-up of a client’s bag but also achieves the goals outlined in the interview. Client’s will receive explanation of the recommendation, answers to any questions he or she might have, as well as the launch monitor reports.


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