The Building Process

The Building Process

Built by Hand

Every club fit by True Spec Golf is hand built in our 20,000 sq./ft. Scottsdale, Arizona build shop. We combine cutting edge technology and the highest grade components to ensure that each club is built to the exact specifications that were determined during the fitting process. We’re proud to boast that we build our clubs to the highest tolerances in the industry.


With a client’s prescription in hand, each component of the clubs is carefully pulled from inventory and loaded onto a cart to begin the assembly process. The pieces are double-checked for accuracy, entered into our production management system and closely tracked for progress by our build shop manager. This is the first of four different check points for quality assurance.


Because golf shafts aren’t perfectly straight or perfectly round, we put all clients’ orders through the process of SST PUREing, which analyzes the structure and identifies its most stable bending plane or neutral-axis. This helps prevent off-line bending and twisting in the shaft during the golf swing and leads to more consistent shots.


With all components in one place, master builders begin by inspecting products for manufacturer defect and again check the make up for accuracy. Clients’ clubs are then “dry built” individually to ensure proper CPM and swing weighting, among other details from the club fitters recommendation.


Using the highest quality epoxy available on the market, each club is diligently assembled. During this process, master builders ensure shafts are inserted properly into the head and are free of residue. Once ferrules are installed and final cuts are made, clients’ clubs are again tested and measured for CPMs and swing weighting.


With the epoxy dried, master fitters will install grips to proper specs and begin bending lofts and lies within a quarter of a degree to the club fitters’ prescription. Before sending the built set to final quality control, all measurements and weights are checked for accuracy for a third time.

Quality Control

Clients’ clubs are checked for a fourth time by the build shop quality assurance manager for precision against the original recommendation of the club fitter. Then they’re polished, packaged and staged for shipping.

The Fitting Process

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