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True Spec Golf – New York City

Located within the heart of Manhattan, True Spec Golf NYC is located at a private club offering golfers the ultimate indoor facility. This studio is perfect for enhancing performance, fitness, and socializing with friends and business associates. Experience a modern and quiet golf oasis nestled inside the bustling city center.

Let our master fitter find the right clubs to improve your game. Our studio boasts the following features:

  • Spacious indoor fitting bay
  • Foresight Sport GC Quad launch monitor
  • Quintic Putter Fitting Studio
  • Fitting matrix with 30,000 options

Quintic Putter Studio

Putter Fitting

We specialize in fitting putters that will have an immediate impact on your game. Our brand agnostic putter fitting matrix features major and specialty brands. We use our proprietary Club-Conex adapter that allows us to interchange any putter head with any shaft in seconds. Using the adapter system in conjunction with Quintic Ball Roll software ensures we find the best putter for your stroke.

Trackman Fitting Bay

Fitting Types

Full Bag Fitting w/ Putter Fitting $450
Full Bag Fitting $350
Woods Fitting (Driver, Fairway, Hybrid) $200
Driver Fitting $125
Iron Fitting $125
Putter Fitting $150
Gap Analysis (Loft/Lies & Blueprint) $125

Shaft Only (Retrofit Existing Club)


Get Fit

We look forward to working with you to find clubs that will have you playing your best golf. Schedule your fitting with one of our master fitters to maximize your potential!

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