True Spec Partnership with KIGOS/BITP

True Spec Golf is proud to announce a partnership with the Korean Institute for Golf & Science (KIGOS), a research and golf product testing group based in Seoul, South Korea. KIGOS is part of the Incheon Techno Park (ITP) project which is a large scale R&D program funded by the South Korean government to assist the electronics, automotive, and various other industries perform independent 3rd party product tests.

KIGOS Location

It’s what you learn after you know it all that countsJohn Wooden, Head Coach of 10 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship teams

The KIGOS program is closely connected to numerous PGA and LPGA professional players who have developed through their system the last few years. Our partnership with KIGOS will involve advanced golf product research, all aimed at transforming our fitting staff into the most knowledgeable product team in the industry.

The KIGOS Lab includes a Swing Robot, GEARS motion capture system, Phantom Cameras, golf ball cannon, COR pendulum tester, surface density tester, center-of-mass testers, shaft frequency machines, and just about every other machine or tool possibly envisioned to measure a golf shaft or clubhead.

  • KIGOS swing
  • KIGOS workshop

After our initial phase of product testing, our current offerings and our product team will be sending the KIGOS staff new products as they are released from the OEM’s to be evaluated based on a set protocol of product testing, using a very tight system of controls and tolerances. KIGOS/ True Spec Golf will be the only test program in the world to complete an objective, 3rd party, brand agnostic product testing using swing robot’s, motion capture systems, and high-speed photography. These tests should help distinguish us from competitors, and within the industry as a whole, as the foremost experts when it comes to relevant product knowledge from one brand to the next.

This endeavor should also help our staff identify which products perform the best for players of certain patterns and tendencies; this should allow for players to see even more improvement in their performance with their custom fitted clubs.


We look forward to a great relationship in Korea with KIGOS/ ITP, and what the future may hold.