We are excited to open our first state of the art indoor fitting studio in Chicago. This new studio will be located in Highland Park, just north of Chicago inside the same building as Movement 3 Golf, BPC Performance, Elite Wellness, and Tesla Motors. Book your club fitting now to be one of the first in Chicago to experience True Spec Golf.


Chicago Studio

The Chicago True Spec Golf fitting experience is truly one of a kind. Because of differentiated technology, researched product offerings and a strategic partnership with Movement 3 Golf, True Spec can provide by far the most thorough examination of your golf swing and ball flight. Below are some of the technological aids that we utilize throughout our fittings:


GCQuad by Foresight Sports

GCQuad Launch Monitor uses 4 high-resolution, high-speed optical sensors that work together to capture quadrascopic image clarity. The GCQuad can capture accurate ball and club performance data in real-time.

GEARS : optical Motion Capture System

Gears is an optical tracking system that is powered by eight 1.7 megapixel cameras, running at 360 frames per second. By tracking both clubhead and grip, the data gathered provides significant insight into a player’s swing. This includes shaft deflection—information that cannot be obtained by tracking the grip alone. In less than 1 second, Gears analyzes over 600 images per swing.


Jacobs 3d

Jacobs 3D is the first pro commissioned software to measure the forces that go into hitting a golf ball. Instead of waiting for kinematic analyses, Jacobs 3D provides instant insight into when and how the most important elements of a swing happen. This information transforms how teachers and researchers are able to study the golf swing, providing a much clearer and quicker path for the average player to improve.


Movement 3 Golf

Movement 3 is the leader in golf instruction and game improvement. They use data-driven science to create detailed and personalized plans that help players attain their goals and achieve long-term success. Pairing expert professionals with the most advanced diagnostic tools, they are able to identify efficient motion patterns for every player. Analyzed in its complexity and delivered simply, the mysteries of the golf swing are revealed by Movement 3 Golf.


Rick Silva, PGA

Recently honoured as one of Golf Digest’s Best Teachers 2017-2018, Rick Silva has worked with more than a half-dozen tour players, a United States Amateur Champion, a Walker Cup Member, a US Mid-Am Quarter Finalist, and countless NCAA golfers. In addition to coaching, Silva has expert knowledge of launch monitor and motion capture technologies. He has certifications in TPI, NG|360, golf biomechanics, and is Manzella Certified. Silva’s understanding of the golf swing, functional movement, technology, and the science of how it all comes together is a combination that very few possess. This has made him one of the leading authorities in improving golf swings.


Fitting Types

パター付きフルバッグ・フィッティング $450
フルバッグフィッティング $350
ウッドフィッティング(ドライバー、フェアウェイ、ハイブリッド)- 2時間 $200
ドライバーフィッティング $125
アイアンフィッティング $125
パターフィッティング $150
ギャップ分析(ロフト/ライ角&ブループリント) – 1時間 $125



Get Fit

We look forward to working with you to find clubs that will have you playing your best golf. Be one of the first in Chicago to experience a True Spec Fitting!

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