Golf Clubfitting in the 21st Century

Chicago Golf Report on True Spec Golf Clubfitting in the 21st Century

Many, many years ago I heard an old golf instructor say that ‘the wrong (ill-fit) club will allow a person to make mistakes faster than with any other invention in the history of mankind — with the possible exception of the handgun or tequila’. Fast forward to the present day, side arms and liquor are still around, but joining us now is the science of high-tech clubfitting.

True Spec Golf, a worldwide company specializing in the science of clubfitting has recently opened up a clubfitting studio in Highland Park. True Spec Golf shares its studio space with Movement3 Golf, a biomechanical golf instruction company, owned by Rick Silva who was recently named among the best golf instructors in Illinois (#13) by Golf Digest.

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Silva’s hitting bay at M3G features the only 8-camera motion-capture system of its kind in Illinois, while his computer’s FlightScope sensors and software measure and calculate all the essential modern statistics and factors of the golf swing such as swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, angle of decent, roll, smash factor, etc., etc. Silva is also a partner of True Spec Golf Highland Park, so regarding this shared studio, Silva said “it is a perfect bridge between high-end clubfitting and biomechanical instruction.” Beginning with correct clubfitting, and then developing consistency within the limitations of their swings, clients gain added distance as a by-product, which is usually a golfer’s first wish when finding a golf genie.

While it is most likely that Movement3 / True Spec’s next client will be a ‘young professional’ male, age 35-55, with a handicap around 10 to 12, the demographic spectrum of Movement3 / True Spec customers encompasses male and female, high school-aged to seniors, and skill levels ranging from scratch golfers (including PGA Tour players) to 30+ handicappers. Silva stated that the common denominator among his clients is that they are all “impassioned golfers” looking for improvement in their golf game.

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