How a Custom Driver Fitting Can Improve Your Golf Game

With so many drivers on the market, how can golfers know which ones are best suited to help them play at the top of their game? Drivers play a crucial role in contributing to a player’s score, as it is used more often than most clubs in the set, with the exception of the putter. Having the correct driver in the set can make a major contribution to how a player plays the game, ensuring each 2nd shot is struck from the best possible area for improving scoring opportunity.

The best way to know if you’re using a driver that will complement your swing, maximize distance, enhance accuracy and improve consistency, is to get custom fitted. Driver fittings through True Spec Golf ensure that players are using a piece of equipment that’s tailored towards helping them optimize their performance, and making that all-important first shot always count.

Custom fitting your driver is the best way to set yourself up for success during your next round of golf. Using industry-leading technology, True Spec Golf diagnoses a player’s swing to determine the right driver to achieve a better outcome at the tee every time. Here are three ways a custom driver fitting can help.

Shaft Selection

Using the correct shaft for your swing is crucial to making sure the player strikes each shot solidly and consistently, while affecting some of the ball flight characteristics of the shot. But too many golfers aren’t sure what they need in a shaft, meaning those without custom fit drivers don’t know what they’re missing from their game. Driver fittings correct for issues such as poorly suited flex and incorrect weight and length for a player’s needs.

These three issues all contribute to making a player’s swing less effective at the tee. But, they can all be easily solved with custom driver fittings that determine a shaft that can deliver distance, accuracy, and control.

Optimized loft and head design

Driver fittings not only prescribe the right shaft to match your swing, but they also optimize the clubhead, too.  Many golfers have heard the phrase, “The shaft is the engine of the club”. It should not be understated just how much impact the correct shaft can have on performance, but research has found that the clubhead selected actually has more bearing over shot performance than any other factor. Having a clubhead that best suits the player as far as weighting, forgiveness, and loft is the easiest way to remedy an issue with driving the ball. Because the of the wide array of options for brand, product line, and loft, and the various affects these choices have over performance, getting this part of the selection process correct is crucial.  Driver fittings use data to measure multitude of key performance indicators to better optimize ball flight for any player looking to improve their game.

Less confusion

There are endless options for drivers on the market, and it can be difficult to know which model is best suited to helping you play at the top of your game. Why spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on equipment which may undermine your scoring when a custom fitting which will guarantee performance is at your fingertips? Custom driver fitting through True Spec sets players up for their best chance of success on the tee by using data and expert advice to match clubs customized to each player’s tendencies and swing patterns.  Custom driver fitting takes the confusion out of buying one of the most important clubs in your golf bag, and ensures that you’re using the optimal equipment for making each drive count.

Custom club fitting is the only real way to know your equipment is working as hard as you are on the green. Find the closest True Spec location and discover the equipment tailored to your specific needs.