Ball Technology

Any time we are conducting a fitting we will enter in the ball data into Trackman. This is important due to a wide variance in spin rate and materials used: Soft, medium, hard, premium for example. Knowing what ball to use is just as important to your game as getting the right clubs. Follow the link for the latest breakdown …

In our inaugural year we were invited by the website to be a contributor to their 2015 Gear Trials. Over a period of time TSG tested and evaluated irons and woods in all categories and submitted our findings.

Trackman Tool

Trackman is a fantastic tool for club fitters and teaching professionals. Its wealth of data capture can tell us everything we need to know about ball telemetry and player swing dynamics at impact. One of the more powerful tools in its menu is the Combine. Here is a great explanation of its features on the Trackman website:


The Club Blueprint Club fitting is much like chess: a First game, a Second Game and then an End Game. During this time moves are made specific to a particular strategy. With club fitting, First game is the club blue print. This process involves analysis of your existing clubs where weight, length, flex, lie and loft are recorded. From this …