New Products Launching this Fall

Fall is one of the best times of the year to schedule a club fitting with your game in regular season form and a full complement of new product offerings.  Golf Manufacturers have altered their product cycles over the past few years to support more golfers during the fall, breaking years of tradition whereby new products are only released in the spring. 

We have seen a definite increase in the volume of new products launched in the months of September through November.  Accordingly, we feel this is a perfect opportunity to let you know what new offerings are available.  Below a list of the new offerings to look for in our studios:


718 Irons – Available Now

Titleist 718 AP1 Irons

AP1 Iron: Ultimate forgiveness, and fastest ball speed with moderate offset and maximum perimeter weighting. Faster ball speeds that previous AP1 designs. Aimed towards the middle to higher handicapper.

Titleist 718 AP2 Irons
AP2 Iron: Moderate forgiveness and faster ball speed than previous AP 2 designs. Still the most used iron on all professional tours across the world. Nice blend of performance, workability, and forgiveness Aimed to serve the professional/low digit to mid-handicap player. Most Titleist Tour staff that used the 716 AP2 already have the 718 version in play.

Titleist 718 AP3 Irons
AP 3 Iron: NEW TO THE TITLEIST IRON FAMILY. Takes concepts from the AP 1 iron as far as producing extremely fast ball speeds, and combines some of the aesthetic and feel characteristics of the AP 2 iron. More forgiving than the AP 2 iron, but less workability and slightly more offset. Targets both lower handicap players as well as high handicap players looking for traditional looks with performance. Some PGA Tour players are using the long irons from this set already. Adam Scott is quoted as saying this is the best iron he has ever hit.

Titleist 718 CB Irons
718 CB Iron: Forged cavity back offering to continue the tradition of the CB series, with added design features to improve stability and forgiveness, and move the sweet spot more to the center of the face from previous designs. Designed to benefit low digit handicap golfers and professional players.

Titleist 718 T-MB Irons
718 T-MB Iron: Two piece head construction using Carbon Steel and Titanium plugs. High launching, with extremely fast ball speeds and more stability/ forgiveness than a traditional muscleback blade. For the purist and low handicapper who wants a muscleback iron while still benefitting from new era technology.

Titleist 718 MB Irons
718 MB Iron: Single-piece forged offering that carries on the traditional forged Muscleback blade series familiar to the Titleist Brand. True Spec client and PGA Tour player Gary Woodland has already switched to this offering from his former set of 716 MB Irons. This is designed for the competitive scratch golfer and professional player who put workability and playability at the forefront of product performance.

818 Hybrids – Available Now

Titleist 818 Hybrid 1

H1 Hybrid: A larger, more forgiving and higher launching clubhead designed to add launch, height, and spin. Adjustable weighting feature has been added to help bias the club for a more draw or fade ball flight based on what the player desires. Features the SureFit adjustable system to allow for loft, lie angle and face angle customization.

Titleist 818 Hybrid 2
H2 Hybrid: A smaller head design to offer a hybrid for lower handicaps who have difficulty striking long irons consistently. The most widely played Hybrid club on the PGA Tour. Adjustable weighting feature has been added to help bias the club for a more draw or fade ball flight based on what the player desires. Features the SureFit adjustable system to allow for loft, lie angle and face angle customization.


790 Irons – Available Now

TaylorMade 790 Iron

  • Two-piece forging that is welded together to create an internal cavity.
  • Internal Cavity is injection molded with Speed Foam to provide vibration dampening and provide internal structure for durability
  • Ultra-thin face with variable face thickness to promote very fast ball speeds with a large sweetspot
  • High launching, low spinning offering designed to give tremendous ball speeds with exceptional feel
  • Speed Slot in the sole of the iron to create a face that flexes at impact to create more ball speed
  • No iron in the game boasts more technology in one package
  • Targets players across many demographics, from competitive low digit handicap amateurs to mid-to-high handicappers looking for enhanced performance with great feel
730 Irons – Launching November 1st

TaylorMade 730 Iron

  • Replacement for the Tour Preferred MB Iron that has been a staple in the TaylorMade lineup for 4 years.
  • Designed for and by the TaylorMade Tour staff in a collaborative effort. Some of the Players that contributed to the design of this iron were Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, and True Spec client, Justin Rose.
  • Attention to detail in the transitional irons of the 8iron and 7iron so the aesthetic has a more seamless blend between scoring clubs and long irons.
  • Designed for the scratch handicap amateur and competitive amateur and professional golfer.
M CGB Irons – Available Now

TaylorMade M CGB

  • Brings back one of the most exceptional performing irons in history, the TaylorMade CGB
  • Introduces new era COR technology such as variable face thickness, speed slots, and face slots to an iron which was already best in class when it came to faster ball speed and launching it high.
  • Lowest center of gravity every created to help promote highest ball flight possible
  • Each iron head was designed individually to produce the best possible performance for that loft. The traditional iron design uses a single iron such as a 6 iron to formulate design concepts, then all other irons in the set are iron built off of that platform. This set breaks that tradition and each individual iron in the set is designed to maximize performance for that specific iron.
  • Targets the low launching, slower swing speed player looking for maximum forgiveness, distance, and height.


Hayate Woods – Available Now

Miura Golf Hayate Woods

Passing Point Neo Hybrid – Available Now

Miura Golf Passing Point Neo Hybrid

  • Previously only available to Asian Markets, this was introduced to North American markets in late summer
  • Shallow faced fairways and hybrids designed to maximize launch.
  • Low, more forward center of mass to promote higher launches with faster ball speeds and lower spin rates.
  • Adjustable weighting (heel and toe in the fairway… Heel only for the driver) can be altered to make the offerings more fade or draw biased.
  • Designed for players looking to launch the ball higher and get more carry, especially from their fairway woods and hybrids.


MP 18 Iron Series – Available Now

Mizuno MP 18
MP 18 MB Iron: Carries forward the tradition of classic Mizuno Muscleback Blades. Utilizes Grain-Flow forging for that characteristic Mizuno feel. Exceptionally beautiful aesthetic designed with a shorter blade length (smaller head) and understated branding features in a high polish chrome. This is for the professional player or scratch handicap amateur who values aesthetics, feel and workability above all else.

Mizuno MP 18 SC
MP 18 SC Iron: Split Cavity design, meaning this is a progressive blended set, incorporating a more muscleback blade approach in the short irons, transitioning towards more offset and perimeter weighting in the long irons. Exceptional feel due to Mizuno’s GrainFlow forging process. Targets the professional player or low digit handicap player who would like a little forgiveness in the long irons while maintaining the playability and workability aspects in the scoring irons.

Mizuno MMC
MP 18 MMC Iron: Forged, perimeter weighted, moderate offset iron set using different materials, such as carbon steel, and tungsten titanium plugs. The multi-material construction (MMC) is designed to give the player the Mizuno feel, while also adding stability and forgiveness to the iron. These are mid launching irons with mid spin characteristics and higher ball speeds. Mizuno targeted mid-handicap amateurs when designing this offering.


X-Forged Irons – Now Available

Callaway x forged
This brings back an extremely popular design from Callaway a few years back. This is a forged iron set that has minimal offset and some perimeter weighting for forgiveness. Traditional Callaway head design Geometry. Already being used by Phil Mickelson. Targets Tour players to low digit amateur golfers.

Apex MB Iron – Launching November

Callaway MB Iron
The new iteration of the Muscleback Forged Blade offering that has been a popular item amongst tour players the past few years. Boasts a refined aesthetic, with improved sweet spot placement on the clubface to make it a little easier to hit. This is for scratch amateur players and professionals.