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At True Spec Golf, we focus on giving you an elite level fitting experience by making it enjoyable and informative. We’re committed to identifying the best set of clubs a player needs to perform their best, utilizing TrackMan launch monitors, the industry leader in ball flight and data measurements; and Club-Conex, which allows us to test any clubhead with any shaft.

During the fitting, you will work with one of our certified fitters. With a brand-agnostic approach, we are able to offer a matrix of over 30,000 clubhead and shaft combinations. Through this process, we identify the best possible components and build specifications and explain why these club options work best. At the end of the fitting you are provided with a TrackMan report, your prescription, and a quote to purchase the recommended pieces of equipment from your fitting.

Our aim is to not only fit, but build you the most well-built, precise set you have ever played, customized to optimize your performance based on your swing.


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You can find us at some of the most prestigious locations for golf. From the Manhattan skyline to the emerald blue of the Caribbean, to the heart of bustling Tokyo, True Spec Golf makes world class fittings available to you. Schedule your fitting experience.