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What we do

True Spec Golf is a brand agnostic fitter, which means we stock premium clubs and shafts from the major equipment manufacturers. All of our fitting components are produced in-house so we can control the weight, length, lie and shaft frequency. This means the clubs you receive are to the exact specifications to the ones you were fitted with. Our experienced staff fit every club in your bag with state-of-the-art technologies like the Trackman launch monitor. All of our fittings take place at one of our three fitting studios or via our Mobile Fit locations.

How we do it

True Spec’s Fitting Matrix stocks more than 30,000 combinations of club heads and shafts–to make sure you can test the set-up that will have you playing your best. We also offer custom services such as wedge grinding, special finishes, club stamping and paint fill. Only the best club builders assemble True Spec clubs, and each club is built to the tightest tolerances with the latest technologies to eliminate the inconsistencies of off-the-rack equipment.

At TRUE SPEC GOLF, we hold ourselves to the highest standards so our customers can play their absolute best. We use only the latest technology and the finest components to ensure the performance and quality of every golf club we build.


Our Studio pricing is as follows:

  • Full Bag Fitting $400 / credit $200 with club purchase
  • Woods Fitting $200 ( Driver, Fairway, Hybrid ) 2 hours 
  • Iron & Wedge Fitting $200 1 1/2 hours 
  • Driver Fitting $125
  • Iron Fitting $125 
  • Wedge Fitting $125 1 hour 
  • Gap Analysis $125 ( Loft / Lies & Blueprint ) 1 hour 
  • Shaft Only ( Retro Fit Existing club ) $100 each category 1 hour 
  • Rent Trackman time $75 Hour self-serve with data emailed there after ( if time is available for rent )

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